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COVID-19 News and Announcements





As we celebrate our Nation's Independence today, let us reflect on the true freedom found in Christ through our dependance on Him. Happy Sabbath and Happy 4th of July!







Here are a few announcements from our Youth Pastor, Orland Rosales:


  • VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL: We were so disappointed to have to cancel our annual Vacation Bible School this year but discovered that the NAD is offering a VBS Home Edition that you can participate in online for FREE! Click here to watch a short Promo Video for “Heroes – Home Edition” and register your kids.  You can choose “Heroes VBSLive,” July 6-10, or “Heroes for Families.”


  • CRAFTS: This Sabbath July 4th, Pr. Orland and Mrs. Josie will be handing out the new crafts for the month of July. Come by the Office Entrance of the church from 5pm to 6pm and you can pick up the Sabbath School Quarterlies, My Little Friend, the Primary Treasurer, and the Junior Guide magazines along with the crafts. Please let us know If you can’t come this Sabbath so we can deliver or mail the crafts to your house. Call Pr. Orland (240) 459-4203 if you have any questions.


  • TINY TOTS (CRADLE ROLL): Starting on July 11th, we’ll be launching a new Sabbath School program made especially for our Tiny Tots. We’ll be posting the link every Sabbath on Facebook and here on this page of our website and we hope it will be a blessing for our young families.


  • ZOOM GET-TOGETHER: Also starting on July 11th, we’ll be hosting a zoom get-together for the different lower division Sabbath School classes; This will be a chance for them to see each other, talk, sing and pray together. The meetings will start at 6pm and we’ll be sending you the meeting ID and Password for you to join with your kids.

    • Sabbath July 11th: Primary Class

    • Sabbath July 18th: Tiny Tots Class

    • Sabbath July 25th: Kindergarten Class



Due to the major surge in positive COVID19 cases in Texas, Elder Carlos Craig (President of the Texas Conference) has STRONGLY recommended that churches close again. The church board has voted to close in-person services through the month of July. We encourage you to join us online as we continue to worship and praise our faithful God "together." Keep checking this site and your email for updates as they occur.



The Burleson City fireworks display has been postponed to November 7, the weekend before Veterans Day. Our Family Fireworks Fest is, of course, cancelled as well.



You know what to do by now...



As you may know, the City of Burleson is strongly advising the use of face masks in public. Pastor Kevin and Pastor Orland want to thank you for taking this recommendation seriously and ask that you wear a face mask when you attend church. We have masks available at the Connect Corner if you need one. We know many of you do not feel the need personally to wear a mask, but we ask that you do so for the sake of others and their comfort level. Let's do what we can to keep our church and businesses open and active.



Happy Sabbath! Let's worship our heavenly Father together today!



Father's Day is coming up! We love you, dads, corny jokes and all!

Click here



It was great to see so many of you last week at church! If you aren't ready to get out, we've got you covered. Sabbath School is still available here, and the church service will be live streamed at 11:30. Happy Sabbath!




In person worshiping begins today at the Burleson Adventist Church. If you are still more comfortable sheltering in place we welcome you to join us online. Sabbath School classes will remain available via Zoom and Youtube until July 4th.


Here are the guidelines our Safety Procedures and Protocol Committee feel are important to implement as we begin in-person worshiping.


  • We will offer a Church Service only at this time and aim to keep the length to 1 hour beginning at 11:30AM.

  • Online and Zoom Sabbath School Classes will continue until determined otherwise. Classes may need to meet earlier to allow for travel time to church.

  • Encourage at risk members to remain home and participate online.

  • Email screening questions and ask members to self-screen before attending.

  • Occupancy will be limited to 50% of Sanctuary capacity. Attendees above that limit will be seated in the Fellowship Hall up to 50% capacity with the same recommendations as the Sanctuary seating.

  • Every other row will be left vacant and there will be 6 feet between family groups.

  • Arrival Process:

    • Six-foot intervals will be marked leading to the front doors.

    • A Greeter will remain in the Lobby to facilitate flow but will not open doors for guests.

    • Guests will enter only through doors closest to the Connect Corner. Lower Level door will remain locked.

    • Signage will be present on Entrance and Exit doors including the Lower Level door which will have instructions to use Main Entrance.

    • At the Connect Corner guests will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer and offered a mask if needed. Safety Team member at this station.

    • Tithe envelopes and periodicals will be available at the Connect Corner for guests to pick up

    • Guests will then proceed to the NW corner of the Lobby to don masks or wait in queue for Check In.

    • Check In will occur at the SW corner of the Lobby via Planning Center’s Check-In App. Will have at least 2 tablets/users to facilitate speed.

    • Guests will proceed to Inner Lobby where a Deacon will ask for number in group, locate an appropriate pew, and seat the group.

  • A Deacon will remain at the Sanctuary doors to open doors and control traffic.

  • A Deacon/Deaconess will remain outside the restrooms and periodically clean sink handles and door handles.

  • The Mother’s Room will be used for nursing mothers only. Parents needing a place to take restless children will utilize the Fellowship Hall which is already set up for overflow.

  • Dismissal Process:

    • Pastor will request that guests remain seated until they are ushered out by groups, to refrain from visiting in the lobby, and to exit using the doors marked Exit.  The Remnant Seating will exit through the outside door located in that area to avoid bottlenecking.

    • If someone wishes to speak with a Pastor/Elder they will be instructed to remain seated until dismissal is complete.

    • A slide on the screen with the above information will remain on during dismissal.

    • Canned music will play during dismissal.

    • Pastor Kevin will dismiss alternating sides from the middle aisle.

    • Pastor Orland, Elder and Deacon of the week will dismiss from the remaining aisles and all will adjust flow as necessary to avoid bottlenecking.

    • Contributions will be collected by the “Ushers” as they dismiss each group.

    • Hand sanitizer will be available at Exit doors (West and SE doors in Lobby and outside door in Remnant Seating area).

  • Persons involved in the service will use individual microphones or a mic on a stand. Microphones will be disinfected after service.

  • Those on the platform may do so without a mask provided they are at least 6 feet from others.

  • Facility will be disinfected between services by present contracted cleaning service.



What a beautiful Sabbath Day! Let's get together online and worship our Creator!





Pastor Kevin talks about coming back to church and what that will look like. Check out his message.




It's Sabbath again and time to worship our Creator on His Memorial Day! Join us via Zoom for Bible Study and online for the Church Service.



Pastor Kevin shares about our plans to reopen church and what the Bible says about "waiting."



School's almost over, moms and dads! And congratulations to you for expanding your role as teacher's aide and conquering New Math (or not)!



Have a blessed Sabbath! Click on the underlined portion of each selection to open the link.


A message from Pastor Kevin!



Can any of you relate to this? :-) Click on the play button...



Have a blessed Sabbath! Click on the underlined portion of each selection to open the link.




And now a word from your Senior Pastor...


Don't forget Mother's Day this Sunday! Actually, many a mom may actually just want a little peace and quiet! LOL!


Have a blessed Sabbath! Click on the underlined portion of each selection to open the link.



Update from Pastor Kevin Walkowiak



Below is the first Phase of the Returning to Church plan from the Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. As stated on this page yesterday, the Burleson Adventist Church Board has voted to continue providing online services only through May 23, at which time the situation will be reassessed.

For Texas Conference Churches

As we prepare to return to our beloved churches, we want to provide phases to reopen that will ensure the health and safety of all of our members, guests and communities while following local municipalities guidelines. This will not be a one-size fits all recommendation for Texas Conference churches. Churches are not required to open if they feel it best, for the health and safety of their members, to continue online worship services and connections.

When churches do open, ministries models should be adjusted to accommodate the decisions of the government by slowly phasing gatherings for the well-being of their community. Texas Conference’s recommended Welcome Back phases follow in conjunction with the guidelines of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Governor of Texas and the White House.

PLEASE NOTE: If there are any Covid-19 cases that develop within any Texas Conference churches, those churches will return back to the recommendations for closure implemented by the Texas Conference in March 2020.

The following three (3) phases are required to open churches within the Texas Conference. It is recommended that the pastoral team and church board meet to determine an appropriate date to open noting that local authorities where the church is located has the first and final word on when this period should start and continue.


Since the State of Texas has issued a declaration to reopen places of worship, Texas Conference churches may proceed with Phase 1 following its local county size recommendations for gatherings.

  • Vulnerable members are encouraged to remain home to enjoy worship online.
  • Churches will open for Sabbath morning worship service ONLY. No other services, including Sabbath school, should be held at this time.
  • Deep cleaning and sanitizing should take place before and after the service. Take photos of cleaning the church lobby, sanctuary and bathrooms and post on social channels with the hashtag #welcomehome to assure members and guests proper steps are being taken for their health and safety.
  • Create cleaning and sanitizing teams (one for each Sabbath of the month or multiple teams for specific areas) to maintain the health and safety of the congregation and not exhaust members with the extra work required to ensure a safe and healthy environment for worshippers.
  • Practicing social distancing requirements (maintaining a six (6) foot distance from each other) will remain in place in and around church facilities.
  • No potlucks or large gatherings for a minimum of eight weeks, more if Covid-19 continues to rise in the community.
  • Create worship services with smaller groups and exercise social distancing while following local county recommendations for gatherings. The church can have two to four different services on Sabbath to accommodate the entire congregation thus limiting the size of the groups provided the church is able to clean and sanitize the areas before and after each service.
  • Provide socially distant, limited visitation by select members to those that maintain the “stay-at-home” order.
  • Consider having a special service for the elderly.
  • Maintain online services for those that remain home and others who have started following your services online.



Below is an excerpt from the executive order issued by Governor Abbott on April 27, 2020. Although churches are allowed to resume meeting under the following conditions, the Burleson Adventist Church Board has voted to continue providing online services only through May 23, at which time the situation will be reassessed.


In accordance with Governor Abbott’s executive order GA-18, the following are the minimum recommended health protocols for all churches, congregations, and places of worship in Texas. Churches, congregations, and places of worship may adopt additional protocols consistent with their specific needs and circumstances to help protect the health and safety of all Texans. The same minimum standard health protocols would apply to funeral services, burials, and memorials.
We know now that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to others by infected persons who have few or no symptoms. Even if an infected person is only mildly ill, the people they spread it to may become seriously ill or even die, especially if that person is 65 or older with pre-existing health conditions that place them at higher risk. Because of the hidden nature of this threat, everyone should rigorously follow the practices specified in these protocols, all of which facilitate a safe and measured reopening of Texas. The virus that causes COVID-19 is still circulating in our communities. We should continue to observe practices that protect everyone, including those who are most vulnerable.
Please note, public health guidance cannot anticipate every unique situation. Churches, congregations, and places of worship should stay informed and take actions based on common sense and wise judgment that will protect health and support economic revitalization. Churches, congregations, and places of worship should also be mindful of federal and state employment laws and workplace safety standards.
Health protocols for serving your attendees:
  •   Strongly encourage the at-risk population2 to watch or participate in the service remotely.
  •   Designate an area inside the facility reserved for the at-risk population, or offer a service for at-risk

    population attendees only.

  •   Ensure proper spacing between attendees:

 Keep at least two empty seats (or six feet separation) between parties in any row, except as follows:

- Two or more members of the same household can sit adjacent to one another, with two seats (or six feet separation) empty on either side.

2 At-risk population are those who are 65 or older, especially those with chronic lung disease; moderate to severe asthma; chronic heart disease; severe obesity; diabetes; chronic kidney disease undergoing dialysis; liver disease; or weakened immune system

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- Two individuals who are not members of the same household but who are attending together can sit adjacent to one another, with two seats (or six feet separation) empty on either side.

 Alternate rows between attendees (every other row left empty). Health protocols for your employees and volunteers:

  •   Train all employees and volunteers on appropriate cleaning and disinfection, hand hygiene, and respiratory etiquette.

  •   Screen employees and volunteers before coming into the church, congregation, or place of worship:

 Send home any employee or volunteer who has any of the following new or worsening signs or

symptoms of possible COVID-19:

  • -  Cough

  • -  Shortness of breath or difficulty


  • -  Chills

  • -  Repeated shaking with chills

  • -  Muscle pain

  • -  Headache

- Sore throat
- Loss of taste or smell
- Diarrhea
- Feeling feverish or a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit
- Known close contact with a person who is lab confirmed to have COVID-19

 Do not allow employees or volunteers with the new or worsening signs or symptoms listed above to return to work until:

  • -  In the case of an employee or volunteer who was diagnosed with COVID-19, the individual may return to work when all three of the following criteria are met: at least 3 days (72 hours) have passed since recovery (resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications); and the individual has improvement in respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath); and at least 7 days have passed since symptoms first appeared; or

  • -  In the case of an employee or volunteer who has symptoms that could be COVID-19 and does not get evaluated by a medical professional or tested for COVID-19, the individual is assumed to have COVID-19, and the individual may not return to work until the individual has completed the same three-step criteria listed above; or

  • -  If the employee or volunteer has symptoms that could be COVID-19 and wants to return to work before completing the above self-isolation period, the individual must obtain a medical professional’s note clearing the individual for return based on an alternative diagnosis.




 Do not allow an employee or volunteer with known close contact to a person who is lab- confirmed to have COVID-19 to return to work until the end of the 14 day self-quarantine period from the last date of exposure (with an exception granted for healthcare workers and critical infrastructure workers).

  •   Have employees or volunteers wash or sanitize their hands upon entering.

  •   Have employees or volunteers maintain at least 6 feet separation from other individuals. If such distancing is not feasible, then other measures including face covering, hand hygiene, cough etiquette, cleanliness, and sanitation should be rigorously practiced.

  •   Consistent with the actions taken by many churches, congregations, and places of worship across the state, consider having employees, volunteers, and attendees wear cloth face coverings (over the nose and mouth). If available, they should consider wearing non-medical grade face masks.

    Health protocols for your facilities:

    •   Regularly and frequently clean and disinfect any regularly touched surfaces, such as doorknobs, tables, chairs, and restrooms.

    •   Disinfect seats between services.

    •   Disinfect any items that come into contact with attendees.

    •   Make hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, soap and water, or similar disinfectant readily available.

    •   Place readily visible signage to remind everyone of best hygiene practices.

    •   If a church or place of worship provides meals for employees, volunteers, or attendees, they are recommended to have the meals individually packed for each employee, volunteer, or attendee.

    •   Maintain rigorous sanitation practices like disinfection, handwashing, and cleanliness when preparing or serving anything edible.



Hover and click on your underlined selection



  • Don't forget you can join the Wednesday night Bible Study from 7:15-8:15 via Zoom!  ID: 662 433 9951  and  Password: 988132




Pastor Kevin asks, "What's the 'new thing' God is doing in you?"



Happy Sabbath! Here are the links so we can worship "together."



Two more small businesses we can support!


  • Principal Norman Rangel’s daughter, Shannon, offers a quick, weekly meal prep service  that requires NO down payments, NO credit card information, & NO subscriptions. Just fresh, wholesome meals, cooked & delivered at YOUR convenience! Check out her website here.




  • Many of you are probably familiar with a mom & pop eatery in Burleson called Stone Soup Cafe. They are a soup/sandwich cafe and all of their sandwiches can be made with “veggie meat" if needed. Their hours are currently M-Th: 9:30-5:30, Friday: 9:30-3:00. You can call in a to-go order and pick it up curbside, or request delivery (only about a 5 mile radius from location so ask first). Check out their website here. 





COVID-19 Drive-Thru Testing Available Beginning April 14
Texas Health Huguley Hospital will begin offering drive-thru COVID-19 testing on Tuesday, April 14. 



Testing Criteria (Not all patients screened will meet testing criteria):

  • Patient must have one of the following symptoms: cough, fever, shortness of breath and/or diarrhea
  • Healthcare provider, law enforcement or EMS who have been exposed or have symptoms
  • Have had close contact with a suspected or positive case of COVID-19
  • Screened patients must be 2 years of age or older

Step 1: Screening

  • To be screened and schedule an appointment, call 817-568-5428 between 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., Monday – Friday
  • Drive-thru testing appointments will be scheduled between 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday – Friday

Step 2: Preparing For Your Test
If you meet the criteria for testing, please provide your primary care physician’s name.

  • If you have an HMA physician, we can provide an order
  • If you do not have an HMA physician, you will need to contact your primary care physician for an order
  • If you do not have a physician, we have a physician who will provide you with an order for the COVID-19 test

Once you have completed these steps an appointment time will be provided to you for testing. Patients that are scheduled for testing will be asked to provide their insurance card, if applicable, and photo ID.
Please remember that this is only a COVID-19 collection site, no other healthcare will be provided.
 Important: Please call 817-568-5428 to schedule an appointment prior to arrival.


Testing will take place at 11801 S Fwy, Fort Worth, TX between the Fitness Center and Medical Office Building 5 (Surgery Center). Please enter through Huguley Blvd. from South Freeway (I-35 Access Road)


Sabbath 4/11/20



To all the heroes in our church and community  who are first responders, policemen, or work in a healthcare setting...thank you for your dedication and bravery! (Click on play button)



  • Remember, you can participate in a Mid Week Bible Study via Zoom. Use code 662 433 9951 to join the group.

  • Let's support the small businesses of our church members any way we can!  Here are two to get us started. We will share additional businesses each week.




Check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/BuyTheAmericanDream/

or email them thehendersonteam@att.net

The Henderson’s are currently helping church member, Joan Philbin, sell her house and have sold several other church members’ homes in the past.  To name a few: Jonathan & Debora Nunnaley, Will & Kristen Iverson, Brian & Erin Sellers, Kristofer and Lauren Henderson, and Jonathan and Jennifer Smith


  • Ladies! Join a Zoom Meeting this morning at 11:00 just to "hang-out" and catch up, and encourage each other! Note the meeting ID and Password.


Meeting ID: 971 750 2334

Password: Sabbath





Here are all the links to Sabbath School and Church! So glad we can worship "together" remotely! 


Here are a couple more resources we think you are going to love! 

  • https://www.childmin.org/interactivevideos is from the NAD's Children's Ministry site and has everything from science experiments, drawing lessons, stories, sing-a-longs, games, and more. Adults, you will really love The Bible Project!

  • This next link is to a historical drama on the life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of those who knew him. The Chosen is amazing and authentic and will help you relate to Jesus and his disciples in a fresh and personal way. Great Friday night and Sabbath family viewing.  Here is the first of four episodes:



We hope this week finds you all healthy and thriving at home. Here is a message from Pastor Kevin to encourage us all.


Here are the links for Sabbath School and Church. May you and your family enjoy a Sabbath rest and blessing as we study and worship "together."

Click here for Children's Sabbath School at 10:00 with Mamma W.

Click here for Youth Sabbath School via Zoom at 10:00 with Ms. Nez.

Click here for Seekers Sabbath School via Zoom at 10:00 with Jonathan Nunnely.

Click here for Love In Action Sabbath School via Zoom at 10:00 with Barb Slee.

Click here for pre-recorded Adult Sabbath School with the Hope Channel.

Click here for Church Service at 11:00 with Pastor Kevin Walkowiak.



Well, it's happened, just like we knew it would... the City of Burleson has issued a stay-at-home declaration for non essential businesses. So that means I'll be working from home for the most part. We ARE allowed to have a production team at the church to record or stream services and we plan to do that. Watch the video below to see how your smiling face can be "present" with us while we worship!






A new Prayer Request page is up and running on our website. Send us any prayer requests you have and we will add them to the page which you can find in the drop down menu under Contact Us. More than ever, we need to be lifting each other up in prayer.





Our prayer is that we will worship together in spirit on this Sabbath day. Click on the following links for Sabbath School and Church.


3/20/20 PM

Pastor Kevin invites you to join us in worship tomorrow! Click here.  There will be links on this page to a Children's Sabbath School from Pastor Orland (Kindergarten - Primary), Adult Sabbath School courtesy of the Hope Channel, and the Message of Hope from Pastor Kevin. 

The Seekers Sabbath School Class will be video conferencing live via Zoom at 10:00 AM tomorrow. If you would like an invite to join their group, call Buddy Keubler at (941) 993-6278.



"Are we almost there?" The dreaded question asked by every child on a road trip! And this is going to be a long "trip" for all of us! There may have been some confusion on the projected date to resume classes at BAS. We are following State Guidelines which state schools will remain closed through the first week of April. However, as we have all seen, this situation is in constant flux and nothing is certain at this time.  Principal Rangel will keep all parents updated and we will do our best to keep information consistent and current. Hang in there, parents!


We sincerely hope all of you are remaining well. If you do start feeling ill, please do not rush to the ER or Clinic; you will only expose others or risk contacting something you don't already have. Stay home, treat the symptoms, and call your doctor if your symptoms worsen. We've included the Coronavirus Hotline number that you can call at any time to speak to a nurse.


The Adventist-Laymen's Services and Industries (ASI) has shared some excellent resources on how to avoid infection and boost your immune system.  Check out their videos and articles here.




Pastor Kevin mentioned in his video yesterday that there would be video instructions on how to use Adventist Online Giving. Unfortunately there is not an official instructional video available, so we created step by step instructions using screenshots. You can find those instructions  on our home page under the Giving tab. 


Hey boys and girls! (and moms and dads) Pastor Orland posted a message to you on Facebook and would love to hear back from you! Click here to check it out!


3/18/20 PM

Watch a video message from Pastor Kevin here.



Pastor Kevin was informed by the President of the Texas Conference that as of yesterday, 3/17/20, all churches will be closed for 30 days. In order to continue providing a worship experience as best as we can, we will be linking you from this page  to a pre-recorded service for this Sabbath. There will be something fun for the children, a link to the Hope Channel  for the Adult Sabbath School Lesson, and a Message of Hope from Pastor Kevin

There are some things we can continue to do as normal! One of those is to continue to worship through giving. You can utilize the online giving app from this website, or if you prefer, you can drop your tithe in the locked mailbox at the north entrance of the church (office).

For those of you with children home from school and limited in public activity options, here are a few really good links to online learning games, activities, and stories.

  • Click here to visit The Educator's Spin On it for helpful tips while working form home with kids, 30+ virtual Field trips for kids, and the ultimate list of sidewalk chalk games and activities.
  • Click here to visit Scholastic for read-along books, videos, and activities for Pre-K thru 2nd grade, and awesome articles to explore for grades 3-6+.
  • Your Story Hour is doing their part to help provide wholesome materials for the "I'm bored" syndrome. Click here to listen to a new free story every day!



    It may be several weeks before we can worship together as a church family. Let this be a place where you can find updates from your church leadership, links to informative sites, and encouragement in this time of uncertainty. 

    As of 3/14/20 the Church Board has voted to suspend our regular church services for the weeks of 3/21 and 3/28. The reality is it will likely be longer than that and we will definitely keep you updated here.

    Here are some links to keep you informed of the latest developments and guidelines from the CDC, the NAD, and the City of Burleson.

    At this time we plan to keep the church office open but hours may be somewhat flexible. If you need to come by the church for any reason, please call first to make sure someone is there. Both Pastor Kevin and Pastor Orland are available by text or phone call.

    • Church Office: (817)295-7141
    • Pastor Kevin: (214)274-0389
    • Pastor Orland: (240)459-4203


    At the top (right) of the every page of this website you will see icons for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  You can click on those to go directly to our accounts and experience more ways to stay connected!